How It Works

Our Technology

Aranmi leverages mobile phone technology already in everyone’s hands. Food vendors can use their mobile phones to place an order with Aranmi – via SMS, App, web or a call solution. Our aggregation platform then processes their orders and generates a collective order per product, creates customer histories, and calculates fair prices. This is all the data we need to get out on the road and bring fresher, cheaper produce to vendors across Nigeria.

Our Model

  1. A farmer sign up to join Aranmi
  2. Aranmi visits and carry out due dilligence, then add farmer to the platform
  3. Aranmi book the produce and indicate date of harvest
  4. Aranmi Harvests and weighs Farmers produce and issue receipt.
  5. Farmer receive payment within 48hrs.
  1. All produce is gathered at the collection hubs from the Farmers
  2. Produce is processed, graded and dispatch to sales channels.
  1. A vendor sign up to join Aranmi
  2. Aranmi sales representatives visit vendor and register them on the platform
  3. Vendors places order on the platform
  4. Aranmi deliver produce directly to vendors door step.

Aranmi aggregates demand of vendors in a given neighbourhood. By compiling larger quantities, we generate economies of scale, source produce directly from farmers, bring it to our Distribution Outlets in the city and on to our customers’ shops. This way, Aranmi provides small vendors with fresher quality produce at cheaper prices delivered directly to their shop.

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