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Aranmi focused on small and medium-sized food and beverage merchants, focusing on providing one-stop, all-category, lower-cost, and fresher catering raw material procurement services for nearly 10 million restaurants nationwide. To provide customers with time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving and worry-free raw materials, to achieve a worry-free procurement. Through the scientific and refined management of procurement, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and other processes, the problem of slow sales of farmers' agricultural products is solved.

Our Products

Available Fruits

  •   Tomato
  •   Onion
  •   Mangoes
  •   Banana
  •   Spinach
  •   Carrot
  •   Potato
  •   Yam

Available Cereals

  •   Corn
  •   Sorghum
  •   Rice
  •   Beans

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